Christmas Sneaking! aka Wizard Robes

In the run up to Christmas, when we were all exchanging wish lists and making inquiries, I found out that my sister-in-law had begun reading Harry Potter to my niece, age 8. My nephew, age 5, while a little young for the series, had heard some of the tales and demanded to hear more. We were told that both were thrilled with all things Hogwarts and that a little magic under the tree would be very appreciated. Since, I’m sort of known for my Wizard Robes, I decided that it was only logical that I sew wizard robes for my niece and nephew for Christmas.

I was able to make both robes from two different colors of very similar poly satin from my stash. It’s not really kid friendly fabric but I figured that by the time the robes are totally destroyed they will either have outgrown them and need new ones, or perhaps ceased to care about Hogwarts (unlikely). I also used some metallic trim that I think I got at a yard sale? Who knows, but again, stuff that was perfect for this project and nothing else.

I used the kid sized version of the Simplicity pattern I used for my robes. This pattern sews very fast but is fabric intensive. img_1992Somewhere along the line, I decided that if was making wizard robes, then I was going all the way and having them delivered via Owl Post. I wrapped the robes in cut up brown paper grocery bags and tied them with string. I was very careful to make sure that the bags had no logos or any printing on them anywhere in order not to break the illusion. I actually argued with my mom on the necessity of this!img_2038After Christmas dinner, I slipped outside and left the two packages on the walk. I made a bunch of random noises on my phone from the kitchen. At that point, my husband, who was in on the ploy, said he thought he heard something at the door. My sister-in-law, who was not fully clued in, brushed him off but he convinced her and the kids to go check. They brought in the packages and immediately opened them while vibrating with glee and delight. img_2040They were all completely surprised! I played along and never said anything about making the robes, although all the adults knew. I think that my niece might have figured part of it out because later I was handed a “letter” via owl post from the headmaster saying that I would be going to Hogwarts. After that, I was handed another letter with my shopping list, which was copied directly from the book. img_2051My husband got a letter saying that he was only a muggle! img_2069Even a few days later my nephew was still talking about how mysterious it all was and the robes were still being worn all day. +10 to Slytherin (that’s where I’m always sorted)!img_2045




All the things I forgot to mention from 2014, Part 1: Wizardpunk

Well happy new year! Hope all the holidays and whatnot went well for all of you. I had a lovely, if frenzied time. I am quite hopefully for 2015. 2014 wasn’t an especially wonderful year for me, although it was far from the worst. The fall was actually filled with quite a bit of fun and travel which is why this post is entitled “All the things I forgot to mention from 2014, Part 1”.

I previously blogged about my planned costumes for Dragon Con but I never showed you how they turned out. Well, in one case, they didn’t. I ended up dropping my Robin costume. I just didn’t have the time to make it properly. It’s partially cut out and I have have all the elements so it’s just waiting for the future.

Saturday was devoted to Wizardpunk. The idea behind it was, I thought, Dungeons and Dragons mashed up with 70s punk. But as I started to see other people in my costume group post what they were doing I started getting more confused what Wizardpunk was supposed to mean. This was a costume that I almost dropped instead of Robin but I decided to just go for it instead. I decided to make Wizard robes from cut up t-shirts. Some were mine and others were from Goodwill. My original idea was only to use black / metal / punk / somehow wizard related shirts. I did pretty good on that front but after cutting up umpteen tees and still not having quite enough panels I added in a few that weren’t exactly on theme but close enough. A couple of my Goodwill scores were a Harry Potter shirt that said “Speak parseltongue and carry a big wand”, another that said “Majik Water” (?) and finally a  XXXL shirt from a previous Dragon Con.

I used Simplicity 1582 as my guide. I cut the images and logos from the shirts and then zigzag stitched them together somewhat haphazardly into shapes that were close to the pattern pieces. When I had enough panels assembled I actually cut the pattern pieces out and then serged the entire thing together, leaving all edges raw. It was very time costuming and also simple and really fun. I was thrilled with how it ended up. Also, it was, by far the most comfortable and coolest (tempwise) costume I have ever made for DragonCon.

To further the Wizardpunkness, I made some accessories. I used clear plastic christmas ornaments to make some potion vials. I filled them with random things and used an old skool label maker to name them things like Unicorn Vomit and Yeti Pubes. I also made a goofy staff with some stuff from the floral department, various “punk” ribbons, a battery operated candle and some black duct tape.

Minions, Nature’s Bullshit and Yeti Pubes


Here are a few photos of my final look and our complete Wizardpunk group.

Wizardpunk by Leo Photography

“I’m a fucking wizard” by RBC Image

All the Wizarrrrrrds by RBC Image


I was also caught by DragonCon institution Atlanta Fashion Police!

Caught by Atlanta Fashion Police

As it so happens, I have continued wearing my wizard robes as a house robe. Being just a bunch of tshirts the robes are super comfy to lay around in. There were a few of my old band shirts I didn’t end up using for this project because I couldn’t quite bring myself to cut them up. Considering how much I wear my wizard robes, I wish I had. Wizardpunk has ended up being my most worn costume ever! Putting the robes on just makes me happy and my pup Uno likes to curl up in the big wizard sleeves. My mom just asked me if I would make her some wizard robes from some old favorite shirts of hers! Of course, I said yes. When I have them done, I’ll post a photo, hopefully of both of us being all magikal!