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Steampunk’d – My recaps for Steampunk Chronicle

In my capacity as Editrix de Mode for Steampunk Chronicle, I’ve started a weekly recap of the new reality competition series Steampunk’d which airs Wednesdays at 8pm C/9pm E on Game Show Network. You can read my Episode One recap HERE.

There are SPOILERS!

My all time favorite television commentators are Tom and Lorenzo, formerly Project Rungay. They are pretty much what I think recappers should be: concise, entertaining, insightful and not completely rehashing the show like you didn’t actually watch it while telling you enough so you could skip it if you wanted to. I don’t think I’m in their league, but that’s what I’m going for. I’ll post the links as the episodes run.

Maker Faire Bay Area Coming Up!

Today I got an e-mail inviting me to the media registration for this year’s Maker Faire (May 17 & 18, San Mateo, CA). I’ve gone for the past two years, covering the event for Steampunk Chronicle. It’s such an awesome event and I highly recommend it to adults, kids and anyone who likes robots, science, silliness and fun. It is worth doing a little research and prep if you’re thinking of attending. Traffic can be insane and the event can be really crowded. The hordes really thin out in the later afternoon when kids and their parents get cranky, so if you don’t have to go early in the day, you might consider going on the later side. Also, just park in the Oracle lots and take the shuttle. It takes a bit of time but is so much less hassle over all. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend this year but I hope some of you do!

Here’s a link to my article about last year’s event and below is a slideshow of images from the 2013 Faire by my compadre RBC Image.


Travelogue de Mode: Bath Fashion Museum

About this time last year, I visited the Bath Fashion Museum in Bath, England. It’s a great small museum with a rotating collection. The big draw when I was there was 50 Fabulous Frocks, a showcase of fifty dress to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the museum.

I wrote a little piece about it for Steampunk Chronicle.

I also made a little video of my photos.

By the way, Steampunk Chronicle is now in the voting stage for the 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards. If you are interested take a look and vote. You will need to register with the site to do so! I was nominated as Best Dressed Female in 2012 and 2013.

Would you like a Steampunk Valentine?

One of my many guises is Editrix de Mode for Steampunk Chronicle. Generally, this means I’m in charge of all things fashion but I also write other pieces about events and Steampunk related travel I do. One of my other innovations for the SPC is the Valentine’s Day e-Card. We have Steampunk artists make custom Valentines that our readers can send free of charge. I usually make a card or two myself — usually on the cheeky side. This year I made a couple of choice revisions to this piece of Edwardian advertising.

Pleasure Brand Tea by Gretchen Jacobsen

Pleasure Brand Tea by Gretchen Jacobsen

If you would like to send my eCard to your Valentine (or one of four other awesome cards) just visit Steampunk Chronicle’s Valentine’s eCard link!