Month: December 2019

2019 = Good Riddance!

The end of this year is very close and I am holding the door open ready to kick it out. While there were some nice things that happened in 2019, for me, and it seems several others, there were stresses, setbacks and life and death events. Additionally no one around me seemed to be able to catch a break. My husband faced several business obstacles and the global political situation continues to be “challenging”.

I knew part of this year would be stressful yet exciting as we wound down our whole house renovation. As part of this we had to move out of our rental home and back in. Of course, the renovation was not complete when it should have been so there was a period of limbo while we lived through the final bits of the process. We also dealt this the seemingly inevitable arguments with the contractor about what was and wasn’t done properly or at all. In the end, we do have a beautiful home we are throughly enjoying but wow, what a process.

In the middle of all of this my mother-in-law fell, breaking her hip and all 12 ribs on one side. She has recovered but this was a very scary and deadly event.

I totaled my car.

My beloved pup Uno was hospitalized for 3 days and almost died from a freak illness. He did make a full recovery though.

I got shingles which knocked me down for 4 weeks and caused me to cancel a long planned trip to visit friends in England.

My uncle died suddenly, less than a week after my mom and I had driven down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit with him. He was always very supportive and encouraging of me and after my mom, he was my closest relative. While he always lived far from me, he was present with calls and gifts. Additionally, his paintings have hung on my walls since I moved into my first apartment. My mom and I are his sole heirs so we have the daunting task of finalizing his estate and condo. This will be a task that will take up a good portion of 2020.

Interspersed with calamity were some more fun events. I attended three historic weekends: Treaty of Ghent, Jane Austen Fest and a private Edwardian weekend in Washington DC. I travelled to Dallas, San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris, Ft. Lauderdale, Disneyworld and Chicagoland. I got some sewing done although not as much as I hoped. Christmas was lovely. I survived.

I have some great things planned for 2020. I am hosting two embroidery workshops from Romantic Recollections. I’m attending Treaty of Ghent for the 2nd time. I hope to reschedule my cancelled trip to London for March. In June I travel to Paris with my best friend to attend Fetes Galantes at Versailles and the historic weekend at Vaux le Vicomte. And after that, well I hope nothing exciting in a bad way happens, although we all know the 2020 election will happen no matter what.

My biggest hope for 2020 is that is the tragedies of 2019 can be contained and laid to rest and that I and those I know and love can find peace and calm in 2020. Some better health wouldn’t hurt either. Shingles are the worst.

Love to you all.