Costume College 2017 Wrap Up: What I Wore

Late summer has become a certifiable costume bumrush at PTLT HQ! I went to my first Janefest, then two weeks later I went to Costume College and soon I’ll be posting about DragonCon! Wow!

Costume College this year was great! I’ve been a few years now but I would say that this year was the best so far. I attended great classes, had great roommates, enjoyed the goodness of the Marriott lounge, no wardrobe malfunctions and had an overall fun time!

So what did I end up wearing?

I didn’t end up making anything brand new this year. I made some attempts at finishing my 1860s Elliptical Ball Gown but when my hoop wasn’t balancing a week from my departure date I knew it was better not to stress and just go with what I already had.

Thursday Limited Class 

I took one of the newly offered Thursday Limited Classes – 1770 Riding Habit with JP Ryan. We made mockups and fit her new pattern. We had to wear proper undergarments so I made a chemise (it’s actually a regency chemise but the eras are very similar) and a petticoat. I also wore, for the first time, my stays made by House of Canney. I got a ton of compliments on my stays. I mean there’s a dragon on the back and a stag on the front! What’s not to like? IMG_5761IMG_5762IMG_5763

It was pretty entertaining to see everyone sewing in their historical underwear.IMG_5772I think it would be fun to wear the completed riding habit at next year’s Costume College

Thursday Night Pool Party

This year’s theme was the 60s and the Pool Party theme was Disneyland. I decided to remake my Mod Christmas dress. I made a new tie from Mickey Mouse fabric and tried to fix some of the dress’s problems. I removed the too tight sleeves and raised them hemline. I added my Disneyland ears and I was ready.IMG_5774

This was a big improvement to this dress, although it’s still too tight in the hip. Also, despite being previously washed and my fabric being pre-washed, when I washed this dress after Costume College the red bled onto the white accents. Something went really wrong in that wash load as I also had blue bleed on some, but not all of my whites. It’s really strange. Anyway, now I don’t know what to do with this dress. I can’t decide if it’s worth trying to save or if I should just make a new dress instead. Looked cute at the time though!

Friday Daytime

I was just wandering around, doing classes so I went comfy vintage in my Star Wars Patio Dress. IMG_5852

Friday Night Social

I went Victorian with my Seaside Bustle. A lot of people recognized this dress from seeing the original. I even did some historic dancing in this dress! I swore I blogged about this dress at some point but it appears I did not. I didn’t manage to get my own photo that night but here’s an older one!4A04CD3F-00AF-41BD-B7DF-2BCA1D932562

Saturday Daytime

I went all Regency on Saturday. I started with my redone Ballgown to Half-Mourning Dress. I look suitably serious and mostly without makeup in these photos!IMG_5900IMG_5926IMG_5927

Saturday Ball

I wore my latest Regency gown in full ball mode.IMG_5915

I made a new turban especially for the occasion. The base is the crown from a tired church lady hat. I used free tutorials from Lynn McMasters as my guide and winged it from there. This fashion plate she posted was my main inspiration. 1818The turban is covered in cotton sateen and piping I bought for the project and the ribbon was in my stash. The feathers are from Motherpluckers. I bought the feathers the first day I was in LA and curled them with our hotel room iron. I covered the crown before I left but I did everything else by hand during the con. It has a couple sloppy bits but I’m pretty pleased with it. It turned out heavier than I might have though so next time I wear it I’ll use some bobby pins. I curled my hair with my new Hot Tools 3/8 curling iron. I love this iron! It really gives that historical look and the curls stay quite well.



That’s one of my roommates, Ms. Jema Hewitt aka Emily Ladybird, mugging in the background.


I had a limited class most of Sunday so I went comfy again in my 1920s day dress. I didn’t take a full length of this but I did grab a selfie. I did a decent job of rehab on the cockade after it got waterlogged at the Gatsby Picnic.IMG_5918

That’s it! I was thinking going in to this one that I might take next year off but the awesomeness of this year coupled with the 2018 theme, Royals made me change my mind. I’m planning on Rock N Roll Royalty for my inspiration. The King himself, Elvis and David Bowie, the man who would become The Thin White Duke will be my royals of choice! Here’s to plotting (once I get done with DragonCon, of course).



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