Welcome Mr. Ollivander!

I was just thinking that I haven’t posted for a while. It’s not because I haven’t been sewing or doing fun things, quite the contrary! In fact, it’s probably because too much has been going on!

And the biggest (or maybe sort of little) change has been our new guy, Mr. Ollivander Puppernickel Rye.


on the way home! first day with Ollivander!

We’ve been considering another dog for quite some time. Hound of my heart, Uno, is getting up in years so it was really now or never. Ollivander is a standard wire hair dachshund. We went out to meet his breeder and their dogs not expecting that they would have a puppy available. As it turned out, they had two. Ollivander was handed to my husband. Ollie looked up at him, saw his beard and thought, “you seem ok”. After that Ollie cuddled with him for over 45 minutes. That was it. The hound had chosen the human.IMG_3604Uno has done really well with Ollie. Uno likes him…until he doesn’t. But that’s par for the course with an 11 year old guy and a little pupper. IMG_3640It sure is fun (although housebreaking is a pain in the ass) and extremely cuddly having these two muppets around. IMG_3860IMG_3891Having a puppy is taking some adjustment but we’re awfully happy with our troops. Just look at those giant hairy paws! Super scruffy love!FullSizeRender




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