Dumpster Fire Ornament Crafting Party

2016 has really taken a toll on me. It started out on a low note with the death of David Bowie. I was in the emergency room the very next day from a kidney stone attack. Then Prince and our never-ending renovation which went over time, over budget and saw us firing our contractor in the middle of the process. I was in London for the disastrous Brexit vote. And of course we in the United States are in the middle of the worst governmental quagmire ever with the results of our election.

Several friends have also had a year filled with the death of loved ones and loved pets, financial turmoil and various calamity.

Was it my worst year ever? No, it wasn’t but I’ve been feeling really sad for the world.

I read about Jennifer Brooks and her viral craft phenomenon, the felt Dumpster Fire ornament (tutorial here). I decided then and there to invite over a small group crafty friends to have a craft party / dumpster fire.

The invite was as follows:

To celebrate (?) this shitshow of a year, let’s make dumpster fire ornaments. I will get the supplies, you bring snacks / drinks. We will only listen to my David Bowie and Purple Rain records and maybe Ace of Spades. Or we can sing The Brady Bunch Theme. If you want to make something in addition to the Dumpster Fire, let me know and maybe I will get more felt. If it goes late enough maybe I will make a frozen pizza. Day drinking required.


fullsizerender-1And the crafting began! My invitees brought some delicious “ball” themed snacks and a drunken highlight was the Milk Punch from the Baton Rouge Junior League Cookbook.

Everyone had a big time crafting, eating drinking and chatting. Some of us even made themed Dumpsters to commerate Prince and Bowie.


My final ornament output.


Jenn poses with her ornaments. Lori gave her the Prince one! What holiday spirit!

When the crafting was done, we all wrote down our grievances and also a few good things about 2016 and we outside to have our own “dumpster fire”.

Lori made an effige of Donald Trump to add to the flames.



At this point we read off our notes, crumped them up and watched it all burn. It was pretty emotional, but also needed after this dumpster fire of a year. I hope you all are also finding peace and joy this holiday season.


And by the way…why weren’t you at Elf Practice?



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