International Lolita Day and other weekend dress-up

Saturday (the first Saturday in June) was International Lolita Day. While I personally am not a Lolita, I dig J-Fashion and have several Lolita friends. My retro and historic looks can fit in pretty well at meet-ups so I usually attend a couple of the bigger Atlanta Lolita community’s events.

This year, a high tea was planned. I love high tea! Since it is really hot and humid here right now, I really didn’t want to go to the tea in full Victorian but I didn’t want to wear just vintage either. I wanted to do something kind of special or over the top.

Last year I made a “Murder” dress for Costume College’s Nancy Drew themed tea. I used Butterick Retro 5748 with a blood splatter print fabric and made a fascinator and earrings from the accessories and cards of a 50s era Clue game. I’ve been meaning to wear that dress again especially since my husband got me this crazy brain fascinator on his last trip to Japan. Those pieces both need a special kind of event and I realized the tea could be it!

“Guro Lolita, or Gurololi is a subcategory of Lolita that focuses less on sweetness or elegance and more on freakish horror. Blood splatters, bandages, eye patches, and fake bruises are all common themes in Guro Lolita.” — definition from F Yeah Lolita

I built my outfit around the Guro concept. It still wasn’t really Lolita but my coord went over really well and I certainly stood out.


  • Dress – sewn by me. I’m wearing a small red net petticoat underneath
  • Brain Fascinator – Atelier Genshijin.
  • Self adhesive gauze arm wraps (did those in the car driving to the tea)
  • Pulmonale Necklace – Shannon Koszyck
  • Teeth Brooch – Diamante Queen
  • Rings – Key ring is vintage from a garage sale. The dragon ring is made from a Victorian button but I forget the designer. I call that my “Hogwarts” ring
  • Shoes – Doc Marten high heeled boots
  • Nails – SNS kitten claws!


I was also dolled up Friday to hear The Music Of David BowieIt was cheesy as I sort of expected, very show tune. Luckily, I didn’t have huge hopes. I still had a good time with friends and I mean, anything David Bowie related can’t be all bad (well maybe except for Lady Gaga’s performance at the Grammys). I finally wore my 80s candy maxi dress from eShakti. This dress has been hanging in my closet for a long while. I’ve pulled it out several times but never actually managed to wear it. I guess the perfect occasion had to come along! IMG_0243 copy


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