George Jacket!

A friend of mine has a daughter named George. OK, it’s really Georgette but I doubt she will ever actually be called that by her parents. While browsing one of the vintage fabric groups I frequent I saw a posting for George Washington fabric – I assume in celebration the bicentennial in 1976. It was a small piece, barely 1 1/2 yards but I knew I had to buy it to make something for George.

george fabric

I had a stash pattern that I had planned to use but when I pulled it, I realized it was not the right size range. I planned on whatever I was sewing to be larger as George is growing fast and I wanted to be sure she would be able to wear her special outfit at least a couple of times. I chose Burda Kids 9456. The pattern calls for fleece only but it wasn’t too hard to swap to the lightweight denim. I simplified a bit. The jacket turned out super cute even though that pattern had odd instructions. I still don’t understand what I was supposed to do in step one. Couldn’t have been that important since I skipped it. It must be lost in terse German translation!

george coat

I’m really happy with the placement of the “Georges”. I didn’t have much fabric so there wasn’t a lot of play available in the layout. The sleeve George especially tickles me!

George’s mom loved the jacket and said I totally captured the 70s vibe! I think George will love it too, once she is told it has her name all over it — she just turned two!



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