First make of 2016

New year, new energy. Or maybe I was just getting itchy to make something. I had to put my sewing and machine away in preparation for Christmas. Man, did that make me antsy! Really, I’m still finishing things up from 2015 as my first sewing project of 2016 is a belated 2015 Christmas present.

After I had put everything away until after Christmas, Facebook reminded me that I made my uncle a hawaiian shirt as his gift for Christmas 2009.

hawaiian 2010

As I hadn’t actually yet managed to get Uncle Ronnie a 2015 present, I thought that maybe, after six years, it was time that I make him another shirt! Of course, Facebook reminded me this when it was basically impossible to do before the holiday. But Uncle Ronnie won’t mind too much, I think. Also, he’s not a social media guy, so I can still post this before I mail it off.

I used the same pattern for both shirts, Simplicity 3852. It’s not a particular difficult pattern although I always feel like the collar assembly is kind of wonky.

hawaiian 2016

The fabric is disco (I assume) Michael Miller. It’s actually a really lovely cotton. I’m tempted to see if the shop has more to stash away for a future dress.

I used some of my many sewing Christmas gifts including my Gingher spring loaded shears from my inlaws. And this tower of badassery, courtesy of Mom, provided me with the perfect shade of purplish-brown thread. thread

That’s 80 spools! Now I’ll always have some color close to whatever I’m sewing — even if I have to get more later. I love just giving it a spin. So decadent, yet useful!

Beyond the burst of sewing, I’ve been enjoying a stretch of quiet time with the dog and the husband. I get that a lot with the dog, with the husband not so much. We’ve kind of just been chilling like this…

bear head

best paw friends.jpg



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