Month: March 2015

New Panties! Truly Victorian 102 Drawers

Here are my first completed drawers from Truly Victorian 102. I’ve been way overdue for a new pair. My first set was made from Simplicity 2890. They’ve gotten the job done but aren’t the greatest. I also tried the chemise from that Simplicity pattern. It was a complete fail and I did not finish it.This was a test run for this pattern.  I wanted to make sure that the drawers fit ok and were long enough in the rise. I made the waist a bit larger than my natural waist measurement so they would sit a little lower. I don’t like to have the waistband of my drawers up at my natural waist. Also, I think if that were the case, the rise might be a bit too short.

I used a problematic yet adorable piece of quilting cotton. There was barely enough to make the drawers and on top of that there was a tear right in the middle of the yardage. Luckily, I squeaked the drawers out, but there is nothing left! How efficient!

Not surprisingly, the legs are too long. It’s not a huge problem because the drawers will always be worn with floor length outfits. I will be correcting that on the next go round. Also, if I make the legs shorter, I will need to adjust the leg bands and ruffle bigger to allow for my “athletic” calves. Good to know!

I have some lawn coming to do a test run for the chemise. After that, I’ll be ready to make the trousseau version in a white linen / cotton blend.

As a side benefit, since everything I used was just lying around in my stash, these drawers qualify for Challenge #3: Stashbusting in The Historical Sew Monthly.

A Fast Post About Yoga (and Progress)

I have been doing well with my burgeoning yoga practice. I have even added some Pilates into the mix. My new goal is to try to get in one yoga and one Pilates class every week. So far, so good. When I went to yoga today, it was really hard. I had an instructor that was new to me. My body wasn’t cooperating, especially on the left side. It was generally frustrating. Near the end of the class we did a pose that I generally have a lot of problems getting into. Today, while I was far from perfect, I got into the pose much more easily and I was closer to actually being able to do it properly. It was a very small victory that reminded me that I am indeed coming along. Sometimes, that’s all one really needs.