Here goes! – 2015 Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge

It’s official. I’ve stated my intentions and taken the 2015 Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge.

2014 was the pledge’s first year but I only just hear about it. Basically, you can pledge anything to you want to that involves sewing with vintage or vintage repro patterns. I pledged to make five items from vintage patterns (no repros) and to make at least one of those items from vintage fabric. While I don’t have oodles of vintage fabric, I definitely have some 70s fabric that I have been hording since I lived in Chicago (that would be previous to 2001). It’s high time to sew some of that yardage!

Tonight I cut out my first two patterns, both 70s vintage. The first is for a robe made from fun nautical flannel that I got for less than $3 on sale at Joann’s. It’s so adorbs! I’m not totally wild that it’s on a white ground but what can you do? While I love wearing my wizardpunk robes around the house, they are really bulky for travel. (And I have travelled with them several times.) My hope is that this can be a groovy cozy traveling robe.


The 2nd pattern is kind of a challenge for me. It’s for knits only. I really don’t like sewing with knits. They seem like a pain and it always seems like I can buy a nice knit something much cheaper and without the potential for trouble and fail that sewing knits seem to bring me. Still, I can’t go out and buy a sweet 70s style tunic pantsuit so I’m going to give this knit sewing thing a go again. I was able to get a couple yards of a fairly stable knit nice and cheap so I’m giving the tunic a go. Since my knit is quite stretchy I’ve opted to cut the back on the fold and eliminate the zipper. My pattern has 2 sizes. Even though my bust is closer to the smaller size I decided to cut the larger one. I figured that since my knit is kind of thin and potentially clingy the extra wouldn’t hurt. Also I have no idea how much ease this pattern has. Generally the older patterns have less. I figure bigger can always get smaller and it’s a test garment anyway. I did have to grade out to my hip measure but that wasn’t a big deal.


Once I get these sewn up, I’ll report back!



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