Pouches for Joeys

You may have read about the recent call for mittens to protect the healing paws of koalas burned in this year’s Australian bush fires. The appeal went viral and within a week, the IFAW had enough mittens (Mitten Accomplished!) for both this year and also (unfortunately, because more fires are inevitable) next year. I had planned on making some mittens. The pattern is super easy to make and uses small pieces of fabric. But the IFAW politely asked that if you hadn’t started mittens, would you please consider making pouch liners for joeys. Kangaroo and wallaby babies are also victims of the fires, both as victims and orphans. They convalesce in makeshift pouches. The preferred fabric is soft cotton flannel which happened to be on sale at Joanns. So I made 6 pouches in two of the five requested sizes.

All the Joey Pouches

Here is an shot of what I assume the pouch might look like in action.

Pouch Action Shot!

After buying fabric and paying the postage to Australia, I suppose it could be argued that I could have done just as much good by making a $25 donation to IFAW. While this might be true, I probably would not have even thought to do something without the call for making. Not because I don’t care, but because the call was something tangible I could do. I was just in Australia in November. I saw both kangaroos and koalas in the bush, steps away from me. I have never been as close, in nature, to any other “zoo” animals. It gave me all the feels. Also, koalas make crazy noises!

I hope my pouches help keep the joeys cosy and that maybe the prints I chose will entertain their caretakers too.

If you want to help out the animals injured in the fires, here is the link for IFAW donations. You can find the sewing patterns here.


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