January Crafty

Presenting my first crafty of 2015: a panel for the Fabulous Travelling Steampunk Yarnbomb. The yarnbomb is curated and based in the UK so I figured I’d try to make a panel that gave a bit of American flavor. It took me a bit to actually come up with what I thought was a good idea for my panel. When I finally thought of just making something Old Glory-esque, I also thought, why did it take me so long to come up with that idea!?

Steampunk America!

I did make some efforts to create a flag that was proportional to the genuine article but as I was not in a terribly exacting mood, it got wonky as I went on. I also ran out of the letter A, but found an acceptable sub in an upside down V.

When my mom was visiting over Christmas I was lamenting that I always want to sew during the holidays right about the time that there is no possible way I could get any crafting completed. For example, I’d like to make some of the cute advent calendars I see tutorials for but I usually think of this somewhere around December 20th when I remember I don’t have an advent calendar. Mom suggested that I do my Christmas sewing sometime in the summer. It’s true that there do seem to be lots of Christmas fabrics out around near Labor Day. That seems so lame though and also I’m usually in the throws of DragonCon sewing anyway. Since I don’t manage to undecorate until after the 12th Night (and before Valentine’s Day most years), I was still feeling in a holiday crafting mood even though Christmas 2014 had already ended. So I went ahead with a project I have been planning, Christmas Bunting.

I’ve had odds and end of various Christmas prints hanging out in my stash from a previous sewing bonanza. I thought bunting would be a perfect and cute way to use them up.

I managed to cut 8 triangles from each piece of fabric I had, out of maybe 12(?) various fabrics. I was awfully particular about the layout of the flags. I love the colorful bric a brac look I ended up with.

As you can see from the (admittedly crappy) photo below, I got a little zealous in my bunting making.

All the Bunting!

I really don’t know where I’m going to hang all this bunting but I think it looks damn adorable! I sort of want to make bunting for all occasions, or all occasion bunting — bunting that has 12 panels representing a holiday for every month. Perhaps 2015 will be the bunting year?

Speaking of a new year, I’ve started doing hot yoga. I did not so hot yoga several years ago. I had already planned on trying out something to reverse of some of ick from last year. I wouldn’t say that it is a resolution or anything. I just knew that trying to start a new exercise / lifestyle routine would be futile during Christmas party time. I don’t know if I am “hooked” on hot yoga but I like it enough to have paid for some classes in advance and also to buy my own yoga mat and towel. Now that I have my own gear I needed something to haul it around with. I used this tutorial from Sew4Home to make a yoga bag.

Yoga Bag Front with extra Deery Lou!

I didn’t want one of those tube mat bags because I also needed something that could handle my towel, sweaty clothes, etc. I think I read the tutorial wrong and made the straps too wide. I gathered them at the shoulder and that fixed the issue and it looks like a nice detail also.

Dragon (or bird or something) Interior Pocket

I added an inside pocket so I had somewhere for my driver’s license or other easy to lose objects. I used some home furnishing sample fabric that I had lying around and animal print cotton from the stash. I finished the bag off with vintage buttons. I feel a lot cuter walking out of yoga now because now I am a sweaty mess with a super fun yoga bag versus just a sweaty mess! Namaste Bitches!


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