1920s Lace Cloche Hat

I finally finished my 1920s Lace Cloche that I started at Costume College in a workshop with Lynn McMasters. 20141002-013338-5618877.jpg
I used 3 different pieces of vintage lace. The cloche is formed by pining the lace in a spiral on a padded styrofoam head. It’s pretty much required to be a hand sewn hat but you can use the machine for a couple of tiny bits. Completing the cloche was time consuming and a bit fiddly but not especially difficult. I sewed a lot of it while sitting on the floor in my kitchen as my husband cooked dinner.

I’m not completely convinced that the cloche is the right hat style for me. I think my asymmetrical bob might a little too short for it. Even so, I’m interested in trying the hat pattern again with ribbon instead of lace. My original version might need a little lace flower or something as a decoration on the side. Or maybe a button or three to add a little contrast color. I’m generally pleased though on how it all turned out.


Working on the cloche at Costume College. Image courtesy of Lynn McMasters.

Want to give it a go? Buy the pattern HERE



    1. The lace of the crown and band was on the stiff side and held the shape quite well naturally. The brim lace is much more delicate and flexible. I ironed the entire hat with spray starch on the ironing board. Then I put the cloche back on the styrofoam head, saturated it with more spray starch and spot ironed with it on the form. I used straight pins to prop up the brim while it dried overnight. It will be interesting to see how much the brim wilts with a day of wear or in Georgia humidity.

      1. Thanks for the detailed explanation! I had been wondering if the hats were soaked in glue for a more permanent solution, but the starch means it’s washable if necessary.

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