Month: October 2014

1920s Lace Cloche Hat

I finally finished my 1920s Lace Cloche that I started at Costume College in a workshop with Lynn McMasters. 20141002-013338-5618877.jpg
I used 3 different pieces of vintage lace. The cloche is formed by pining the lace in a spiral on a padded styrofoam head. It’s pretty much required to be a hand sewn hat but you can use the machine for a couple of tiny bits. Completing the cloche was time consuming and a bit fiddly but not especially difficult. I sewed a lot of it while sitting on the floor in my kitchen as my husband cooked dinner.

I’m not completely convinced that the cloche is the right hat style for me. I think my asymmetrical bob might a little too short for it. Even so, I’m interested in trying the hat pattern again with ribbon instead of lace. My original version might need a little lace flower or something as a decoration on the side. Or maybe a button or three to add a little contrast color. I’m generally pleased though on how it all turned out.


Working on the cloche at Costume College. Image courtesy of Lynn McMasters.

Want to give it a go? Buy the pattern HERE