Sewing Through the Pain

Yesterday I had my first surgical experience. I had a left utereoscopy with laser lithotripsy and stent placement. What that means is that my surgeon fed a laser up my pee hole, zapped a kidney stone that was stuck in my uterer, zapped a couple more for good measure and left a stent in there to prop open my left uterer so it heals properly and all the fragments get pissed away. Sounds like a fun time right? It was a really terrible experience for me. I have huge anxiety about hospitals, needles and anything medical. I was prescribed a xanax just to get my foot in the door and even then, I had a colossal meltdown when they placed the IV. Thank goodness I had my husband’s hand to crush, while he held me tight. The prep nurse first gave me lidocaine, then got the IV placed with one try. I’m not the easiest stick and I’ve paid for people’s ineptitude enough times to be unable to deal rationally with the experience. After I got through that part, I calmed down some but when I was offered more xanax in my IV, I gratefully accepted.

The rest of the experience was handleable. I remember thinking the operating room was kind of messy and telling the attractive anesthesiologist with the big guns (he totally must work out) that they needed to get some storage systems from IKEA in there. That was about the last thing I remembered until I was being wheeled to recovery. I went home that day and now I’m enduring what basically feels like a terrible period but it’s my bladder and kidney that are cramping. The stent is super annoying. I’m stuck with it until Thursday. The drugs work but they wear off a little too fast.

So what does this have to do with sewing?

Retro Trailer Dress

Not color accurate close-up of fabric and vintage buttons

Today, one day after surgery, I felt motivated to do a little. I had previously squeaked a very easy sundress out of two yards of retro trailer fabric.  I just had to sew it up. 2 darts, 4 seams, bias tape to finish the neck and armholes and a hem. I hand sewed two decorative vintage buttons to the center front. I wanted pockets but I don’t have big enough scraps left to make them. I’m thinking of wearing the dress to my follow up appointment, just cause. I’m hoping later or tomorrow I will again feel decent enough to press a couple pieces so I can finish my 1920s dress and matching reticule.

“Strength” Flowers

In addition to all the kind words, prayers and folks checking in on me, the day before my surgery I was sent encouragement flowers by a wonderfully thoughtful friend. She sent them with a note saying, “Take Care of Yourself and Don’t Stress…Tomorrow Will Go Great!” And it did go about as great as it was going to. Hope I never have to do it again.



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