Random Fashion and Crafts: eShakti, Mascara, Oilcloth

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. I spent mine on equal parts socializing, chilling and making.

I have a few random bits to share with you so I figured why not mash it all up, just like a 3 day weekend!

First, I have a bit of an update to my eShakti experience. I’ve learned one of the downsides. A few days after I received my dresses, I also received an annoying bill from DHL for $33+ in customs charges. I’d read people’s complaints about this on the eShakti Facebook page but as I’ve bought and shipped from overseas and never been charged, I ignored it. It also seemed to be mostly a problem for Canadians. eShakti does state in their shipping info that customs fees can be levied. They also mention that orders for $200 or more are often flagged. Considering their pieces tend to go for about $75, if you did one of their Buy 2, Get 1 offers with a couple of customizations, you’d be right around $200. For US customers, eShakti will give you a credit voucher close to the value of your fees (I got $30 for my $33+) for your trouble. You’re still stuck paying DHL but as long as you are willing to reorder you at least get something out of the deal. Canadians, you’re out of luck and just stuck with the charges. Dealing with eShakti to get this sorted was a bit pokey but I did get my discount code. It’s frustrating but I still like their products and I’ll be using the code to purchase again.

I had bought my dresses to wear on a trip to Las Vegas and Seattle that unfortunately was cancelled for me due to illness. I finally got to wear one of my dresses out to dinner so I thought I’d share with it all accessorized and whatnot.

eShakti on the town


Second, I was wandering through Target and I saw this:

Miss Manga Mascara by L’Oreal

While I wasn’t in the market for new mascara, I just had to buy it. I mean who doesn’t want Manga eyelashes? Of course I was skeptical, especially when I pulled the wand from the tube. First off, the wand wasn’t pink, which was a MAJOR disappointment to me. The brush is awfully wonky. It looks like it was hacked down with a weedwacker.

Miss Manga mascara brush. Not pink and kinda wonky.

That goofy brush did seem to have its merits though as the mascara went on pretty well. I put the mascara on clean lashes that had not been curled. I was fairly impressed with the effect, although it was far from “Manga Effect”. I think only fake eyelashes will get that for you. I also found the product to be kind of clumpy, but it did stay on nicely. Would I call it a must buy? Nope. But I’ll use it sometimes.

Far from Manga but decent coverage on my pale, short lashes


Finally, thanks to a brand new electric staple gun and some free oilcloth I refreshed some old porch chairs. I love my electric staple gun. So easy! I want to staple all the things to the other things!

I’ve only been meaning to do this for six or seven years (or maybe ten..)?

Ick, Before.

Pretty, After!


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