My Log Does Not Judge Your Thoughts On Twin Peaks.

I’m revisiting Twin Peaks as my current sewing background. I’ve been meaning to re watch this for ages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all the episodes and I certainly don’t remember a lot of the more soap opera aspects of the series. I do remember who killed Laura Palmer, but really at this point, does it matter?

My Log Will Have Something To Say About This.

Twin Peaks is soooo good. And soooo terrible. I guess that’s sacrilege to say, but really, it’s kind of unwatchable, especially the first couple of episodes. Lynchian screechiness is in full effect. Twin Peaks is simultaneously hypnotic and in places, snortingly funny. It’s also all over the goddamned place. Donut art. Waldo the myna bird. Leaden melodrama. 90s tweed jackets. Saddle shoes. Ham-fisted teenage longing. Taxidermy. Pie.

I’m surprised Twin Peaks made it as long as it did on network television. Nowadays it would have been cancelled by mid-season.

Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman’s Blazer

The provenance of Twin Peaks can be felt in shows like True Detective, both in its more gonzo aspects and also in the general tenor of the plot. True Detective is certainly more gritty and narrowly focused, where Twin Peaks meanders and sprawls, not sure where it hopes to go. Twin Peaks left a particular personal mark on me, encouraging my mastery of a seminal parlor trick.

Where are all the One Eyed Jacks cosplays?

Twin Peaks is streaming on Netflix. As the show predates hi-definition, you’ll be stuck watching it in the side letterbox 4:3 square ratio we all had to previously endure. A 1080p version is apparently available for purchase on iTunes. A deluxe Blu-Ray including the entire series, deleted footage and the film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is rumored for release this summer.


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