Work in Progress: Wearing History 1910s Sew-a-Long

At some point this year my mom and I will be visiting Winterthur for the Costumes of Downton Abbey Exhibition. Not surprisingly, I plan on dressing in period style. I asked my mom, who, while very crafty herself but not a costumer, if she would also be willing to dress in period style, if I was willing to do to the sewing. She agreed to humor me, so I had to figure out what to make for us. Originally I was thinking of Laughing Moon’s #104 1909-1913 Day & Evening Dress for myself but I thought a period suit would be better for my mom. Enter Wearing History’s 1910s Suit-a-Long!

Wearing History – 1916 suit with variations

Lauren Maringola has just published a new pattern for a circa 1916 suit with variations, perfect for the Downton exhibit and also perfect for my first trip to Costume College. Laughing Moon #104 is still also on my docket but has been moved back in the schedule.

I was already thinking linen when I was tipped off to a linen sale at Fashion Fabrics Club. Thanks to a fashion plate, I was on the hunt for stripes. I got nice and lucky and found a black and gray/taupe wide striped linen. I also fell in love with a pink and orange striped linen. At $4 a yard, I opted to buy both. Rather than hoping for color matches, I decided to search for coordinating fabric locally once I had the linens in hand.

check out the green & white tennis suit on the right.

As it turned out, my luck continued when I went searching at my favorite random discount fabric emporium, finding matches for both fabrics. At $2 a yard, I really couldn’t refuse! The pink linen will be complimented by some sort of wooly fabric with pink, purple and orange flecks. It’s probably a little bit on the limp side — and could be kind of toasty in the summer, but the color match was inspired. Also, the remnant piece was almost exactly the yardage required. Fate, I am sure. The linen will be used for the skirt and the woolly for the jacket. I have not yet decided if I will do any contrasts beyond the belt but I have more than enough of the linen should I want to.

Pink stripe for 1910s Suit-a-Long

While I thought I also did very well on the black stripe, under different lighting, the charcoal suiting I bought isn’t as great a match. The linen is a much warmer hue, while the suiting is much cooler. The charcoal was also $2 a yard so I figured I really couldn’t go wrong by buying both 3+ yard pieces I found. My thought was the stripe for the jacket with the charcoal as skirt and accents.

Black Stripe with Charcoal for 1910s Suit-a-Long

Between these I have fabric for both suits but the only problem is that I can’t decide which one I want! I have major love for both. I am also not sure I’m sold completely on the charcoal. I may look for something different. Maybe a contrast color to go with the stripe? I might have enough of just the charcoal to do the entire suit with that and a contrast. That could be really lovely. The linen then could make a fabulous edwardian skirt! My mom and I are not the same size so I can’t change my mind once I start. I think my mom would be OK with either color combo, although I look better in orange.

Lots of options! What do the readers think?



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