The Black Ascot of 1910

While working on the notes for my upcoming Mourning panel at AnachroCon, I got distracted by The Black Ascot of 1910. The death of bon vivant King Edward VII was right before Ascot. Normally, the death of The King would have caused Ascot to be cancelled but as King Edward was a keen racefan they decided to run the races anyway — presumably because Eddy would have wanted it that way. While the Royal Box was empty, everyone else turned up in their chicest black & white mourning and the day was on.


Black Ascot 1910

This unusual fashion event was specifically referenced later by Cecil Beaton in his costumes for the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.


Also down this rabbit hole I discovered this book which I’m also kind of keen on getting. I bet it’s full of crazy hats!

Fashion at Royal Ascot by James Sherwood


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