Happy Birthday Lloyd!

A text from my mom this morning reminded me that today, February 13th, is my Dad’s birthday. I have to admit, I had sort of forgotten it was coming being pre-occupied by the ice storm Atlanta was having. Lloyd Jacobsen (that’s my dad) would have been 74 today, but instead he died at 52 in 1992.

Me and my Dad, Wisconsin Dells, 1991?

Last year I made the upsetting realization that I’d lived longer with my dad dead than alive. Also, I’d finally gotten a record player and I was listening to a lot of his old records. As music  has a tendency to make me rather emotional it was kind of a melancholy winter last year.

Despite the sadness and tears some of those evenings, it was really good to think about Dad and how much of an impact he had on me. I think he would have been really entertained by Steampunk and certainly would have relished the opportunity to bring along his banjo to events where people would have enjoyed his playing. Really I could write a volume on all the influence he had on me and all the quirks of mine that come from him, but I’m not quite prepared for sharing that missive.

At any rate, I just wanted to mark the occasion — it is also the birthday of my favorite punk curmugdeon Henry Rollins. A pretty good day to be born I think.


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