Check me out at AnachroCon!

So AnachroCon is coming up this weekend and I’ll be all over that shiz Saturday and Sunday. Questionably, in my opinion, the festivities start on February 14th — yes Valentine’s Day. As my globe trotting husband will actually be in town for this year (he’s often in The Philippines around these dates) I’m skipping out on the opening evening. But if you would like to say hello or even be subjected to my programming I’ll be doing some panels for the Fashion Track. Here’s what I’ll be up to via descriptions I wrote for the con.

Fashion Track Panels:

The Forgotten Victorian Silhouette: The Crinoline Years 1830s-1850s, Saturday at 1pm

Before the hoop and before the bustle, the crinoline dominated women’s fashion. Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837. What was she wearing? Steampunk Chronicle’s Editrix de Mode gives a survey of early Victorian ladies’ fashion.

Dressing for the Mourning After: Basics of Victorian Mourning Fashion, Sunday at 1pm

The cult of mourning reached its apex after the death of Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert in 1861. Steampunk Chronicle’s Editrix de Mode outlines the stages of mourning dress and offers ideas for creating mourning attire.

Sewing with Truly Victorian, Sunday at 2pm

Independent pattern company Truly Victorian is the serious costumer’s go to for historically accurate Victorian garments. But if you’re not so serious or even new to sewing, garments from Truly Victorian patterns are still in your reach. Steampunk Chronicle’s Editrix de Mode gives tips and advice for working with this pattern line.

Also, I’ll be donning the fez to run the Third AnachroCon Tea Duelling Tournament, Saturday at 5pm in the Tea Room.


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