Work in Progress: Gala Nocturna Ball Gown

In March, I’m heading to Belgium on a trip with my mom. As luck would have it, we will be there the same weekend as Gala Nocturna! I’ve wanted to go to this historical dark fantasy ball for several years and the planets have aligned and I’m going.

So now — What to wear!!!

Gala Nocturna always has a theme. This year is La Belle et La Bete — Beauty and The Beast, specifically referencing the film by Jean Cocteau.

La Belle et La Bete by Jean Cocteau

I’ve opted to try a new historical period, the 1830s, for this. Nothing like trying something new when you don’t have a lot of time! I’ll be using Truly Victorian’s 1830s Romantic Era Dress as my pattern and I have an inspiration board on Pinterest.

Wish me luck — I’ve done the mockup and I’m ready to start cutting the real fabric. Eek!



  1. It’s so wonderful that you are coming to Gala Nocturna and I am looking forward to meeting you! And 1830’s is a great idea for a ballgown. I love that pattern from Truly Victoriand and I almost made it for GN too. But I used it for my Vampire Queen gown which I wore to Viona’s last event and I didn’t want to wear the “same” dress twice :).

    Are you making the one with the long sleeves or the short sleeves? I made the long sleeves and I love them. The pattern was quite easy, but I must admit that I didn’t make the pleating/ruching on the bodice. The fabric I used was just to stiff for it. I also changed the skirt making it front opening and wider.

    Good luck with your gown!

    1. Thanks! I’m excited!

      I’m going to do the short sleeves. I’m not doing the ruching as per the pattern but I do plan to add a separate crossover “bertha”. It’s all an adventure.

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